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High quality smartphone videos are here and only getting better

A camera phone which is much more camera than it is phone.

If you think about it, we have certainly come very far when it comes to making videos. Today, anyone who has a good smartphone can make a quality, 1080p or even 4k video without any problem. Then there are the editing apps that let you do more easily by simply tapping on your screen – adding filters, emojis and onscreen text etc.

So what does it mean for businesses?

In an age where everything can be posted online and seen by millions, videos made by mobile phones are being used by businesses one way or another. Whether it's to post a picture from an event o creating a Facebook Live video and interacting with customers, mobile phone video is going to be pivotal for businesses. There have been many instances where smartphones have been used to create visually stunning videos for professional purposes.

How can I forget about the brilliant ad for Bentley made back in 2014 using only iPhone 5S and edited on an iPad?

The idea was simple, to present their car, the Mulsanne, as a fusion of style, performance, technology, and luxury. So the advertisers used only an iPhone 5S and an iPad within the car to create it. Called “Intelligent Details”, the ad talks to the design leaders of Bentley while taking a ride in it. One thing that you may not notice initially is that the audio quality is great. There are simply no issues when it comes to audio. Whenever you try to create a video using your smartphone, whether its indoors or outdoors, you will not be able to get the same quality without some additional equipment.

So how did the people behind Bentley's ad managed to achieve this audio? With the right gear and know-how. That’s where I can help.

Being professionals working in this field for past many years, I have the gear and the know how. I can also come up with great ideas on how you can create content using nothing more than a smartphone.

Here are few of the things I would recommend to you if you are going to use a smartphone to make videos:

  1. If you are going to create videos using your smartphone, do it only for online publishing. Don’t use your smartphone to create videos for other mediums, invest in a professional company or proper equipment.
  2. Try to use smartphone cameras once a while and don’t overuse them. A customer testimonial, a Facebook Live video from an event or a behind the scene video can be a good place to use a smartphone camera.
  3. Make sure the phone that you are going to use has the capacity to create at least 1280*720 HD video. But this shouldn’t worry you as almost all the latest ones are now creating videos in 4k.
  4. Try to use light as much as you can and keep it steady. Remember the Blair Witch Project? Nobody wants to see that. Invest in a decent mini tripod or use a flat surface to stabilize your phone.
  5. If you are going to use your smartphone, be prepared for bad audio unless you get some more gear like a Rode iXY.

Here’s another ad that was shot using a standard smartphone.

This one was created for Tourism and Events Queensland and relies on nature shots and boasts that no other equipment was used. But again, you must notice that they are using background music since recording audio can be little tricky.

The RED Hydrogen One - Mobile Video up to 8K

Since we are on the subject, it’s pertinent to talk about Hydrogen One, an upcoming smartphone from RED that will up the ante when it comes to creating videos from your mobile device. Said to release in April, the phone is actually bigger than iPhone 8 Plus and comes with what is called the “holographic display”. While this does sounds awesome, what you need to consider is its camera which is said to be modular – that is you can change it with other camera accessories that the famous manufacturer will offer.

What does this mean for you? Basically with the $1,200 phone, you will be able to create videos of cinematic quality. RED, the company behind Hydrogen One is known for its powerful, modular cameras. The kind of cameras used in Hollywood film productions.  They have continued their work with their phone as well as according to their press release, it will feature a modular design allowing users to tweak their phone cameras.

Here’s one of the concepts from their patent application.  

Here’s another rendering that interested me:

Cool, right?

What does this mean? Basically Red are going to offer their customers the opportunity to buy camera mods. These mods will then in turn allow users to easily create videos in 4, 5, 6 and 8K videos from their phones. The fact is that with current online marketing scene going on, a phone like Hydrogen One is going to make things very easy for content marketers. Creating videos with smartphone is not only cost effective but also fun. But if you want to present your business professionally, its best you let the professionals do it for you - like Bentley did.

Have ideas? Comments? Questions about equipment? Contact me!

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