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How Drones Are Changing Everything

These little flying devices are shaking everything up.

Last year, Wonder Woman was one of the highest grossing movies. So when it was time for the home release, the marketing team used Intel Shooting Star drones to celebrate the movie’s success and DVD launch using a wonderful (no pun intended) drone light show.

Here’s how it looked:

This is one of the many examples of how drones are becoming a norm in marketing strategies. Those of us that work in video production now head out to client meetings, fully prepared to hear requirements for aerial shots or flyovers. Only a few years ago this would have been reserved for only the most expensive productions and involved the use of a helicopter! With more sophistication in technology, drones can now easily carry powerful cameras and offer increased stabilisation in the air. The best part is that over the past couple of years, the cost of drones has also gone down.

Drones are now changing the game when it comes to creating content.

Having them in your marketing efforts can add a real punch to how you promote your brand. Apart from a few simple ways like taking a group shot of your entire staff from the air or creating aerial shots of concerts, the opportunities to be creative are limitless. Drones will not be just a tool to create ads but in fact will become a powerful art form. We are already seeing this, considering what Intel did during Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance. Using 500 drones, they created beautiful visuals and patterns during the singer ’s performance and even included their famous logo in the presentation. The night sky was the perfect canvas as the drones lit up in various colors and it was very much loved by those in attendance and people watching it at home.

If it’s done properly, drones can be part of a powerful performance that will leave your target audience in awe and since we are living in social media age, the videos will definitely be shared widely. This has led the creatives to come up with unique ideas on how to incorporate them in advertisements like the one by Lexus campaign titled “Amazing in Motion”.

Amazing in Motion is Lexus’s project where they want to promote their commitment to design and innovation. The video shows drones going through our world during the night while we are asleep. The camera work and the activities carried out by drones is choreographed amazingly and ends with a nice shot of Lexus’s new car. Yes, they used real drones:

This is pretty well done since most commonly, drones are used to create spectacular visuals but in this case, the drones are the visuals. Now let’s talk about videos that have utilised the function of drones – that is taking panoramic and scenic shots for commercials.

Let's look at Red Bull.

Red Bull had massive success internationally with their famous stunt with Felix Baumgartner, when he jumped from space. They have continued to recreate advertisements with other adventurers as well and one of them was with Danny Macaskill. Using his bike, Danny transverses Cuillin Ridgeline, infamously known to be one of the most challenging hiking experience in United Kingdom. The video is backed with a beautiful rendition of a Celtic song while a drone video has been shot masterfully to record Macaskill’s journey. The shots in this video are breathtaking, but if you would like to cut to the chase, we recommend skipping to 4.10 to watch the peak moment.

Coca Cola also has used drones.

This isn't surprising - the cola giant isn’t one to shy away from latest trends in marketing. Back in 2014, the company worked with Singapore Kindness Movement for “Happiness from the Skies” campaign. The idea was to cheer up migrants working on high rise buildings across Singapore. Using a whole fleet of drones, they went up to these workers and delivered a coke cans with hand written thank you notes.

This one worked well because first, they had the “wow factor” – having so many drones flying over the city while carrying the drinks to workers. Then there was the emotional impact – helping those that survive the intense heat while constructing hi-rises creates a real connection between the target audiences and the brand. They created an ad that resonates with their customers because they seamlessly connected both the above mentioned factors in a content form that has huge viral element.

Another car manufacturer also used drones in their campaign.

This time it's BMW who used drones for the Series 6 launch campaign. In this short ad, they obviously wanted to show the new BMW in action. And they wanted to do it in a big way. There are moments in our lives where the simple thing to say is “Wow”! This is what the people behind this ad wanted us to say as well. The ad uses drones to capture the new BMW Series 6 trailing on dirt road and as the camera zooms out, we see the astronauts watching the car as they go beyond our skies, saying wow.

Drone technology is developing every day and there is no doubt that we will be seeing a lot more in coming months. It's important is that marketers and video producers like us keep informed of the latest technology and the guidelines to use them. Then, when that project comes along that needs to have a powerful impact, we can grab a drone and take to the skies.


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