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Top 5 marketing videos that we can't stop thinking about

I have a problem with buying technology. Looking online at camera features or new computer specs is a dangerous place for me to be.

Why do these things appeal to me? I can tell you it’s not because I like having expensive stuff just sit on my shelf (although sometimes this ends up being the case. Oh the shame). It’s because of the benefits I get from having the items. I can take higher resolution video, play games with better graphics, do more stuff. It’s the benefits and the solutions they offer that really sell.

This is by no means a new idea. It defines how brands now promote themselves, creating stories around their products in their messaging.

Brands now want to connect with their customers emotionally and in a way that leaves a lasting impression and emphasises the solutions and benefits. With social media now in the mix, marketing videos that follow this formula often become viral, not only helping the sales of the brands that produce them, but also helping them get more exposure.

Tide Superbowl Ad

For instance, take this humorous take by Tide for their 5.6 million dollar spot on Superbowl:

They booked an ad for every quarter, first one was a 45 second one that established the concept, that every ad out there is in fact a Tide Ad. They then showed more clips of their ads in different settings in 15 seconds spots over the next three quarters. The ads were designed to parody beer, car and other conventional ads that usually run during the Superbowl. All of these parodies solidified one thing, they are all Tide ads.

Now let's focus on those marketing videos that have really made it big. Videos that are still being shared by many online due to creative and disruptive ideas that were showcased in them.

First off, Volvo Trucks ad.

Volvo Trucks featuring Van Damme

Is there any way you can make trucks trending on the internet? How about getting logistics companies interested in your trucks? These may have been the questions Volvo were trying to answer when they came up with their ad featuring Van Damme. The results - phenomenal.

Van Damme has been a household name back in the 80s and early 90s for his action movies, who was known for his leg splits especially in the film, “The Quest”. So Volvo trucks used him in their new ad where they wanted to showcase their new features.One of these was the stability and precision of the trucks. What did they do?They asked Van Damme to do his epic splits while standing on the side mirrors of two reversing trucks. Yup, that’s what they asked. Here’s the ad:

This was one of the six “live test” ads that were made by the agency, Forsman & Bodenfors.

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club hit it big with their viral video that’s been viewed over 18 million times.

If someone ever asks what happens when your video gets viewed over 18 million times then the answer is simple:

You become a well known brand with over 12,000 orders to fill.

That’s the ad that made it all  happen:

Overnight the company became the talk of the internet. Everybody was talking about it.

The business is using the subscription model to sell razors and this ad was so very well done. And yes, the lead guy in the ad is in fact their CEO. Another tidbit - when it was posted on YouTube, their servers crashed from huge referral traffic coming their way.

Volkswagen - Darth Vader Kid

Volkswagen won the Superbowl of 2011.

Yup, they did and that’s because they had the best ad that year, featuring their car, a kid and Star Wars. Called “The Force”, the featured a miniaturised but a very adorable Darth Vader going around his home, trying to use the force to get things to react. When all else fails, he tries it on his dad’s car. I don’t want to spoil it for you so here it is:

The ad is one of the most shared Superbowl ads with more than 5.3 million shares in 2016 and I am writing this in 2018.

Carlton Draught - It's a big ad

Now to end this list, I wanted to write something that came from us. Carlton Draught, a beer company from here in Australia aired this in 2005 before launching a viral marketing to promote its broadcast.

Pretty epic. The ad was created by George Patterson and Partners in Melbourne, Australia and it has been shared widely across the world. Considering the sheer scale of the ad, with huge number of choir singers and the fact they actually created a huge guy chugging down Carlton Draught beer is simply awesome. And the stats prove I’m not the only one who thinks so.  

What viral marketing videos stick in your mind? Let me know!

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