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Video marketing for Restaurants - top ideas for you to succeed online

Video is the “go to visual content” now.

Almost every business or brand has its own video content on social media platforms today. With better internet connections and smartphones, anyone can easily watch videos online. Which in turn makes other types of content more or less redundant.

For those that are in restaurant business, using videos is equally important – if they want to interact with their customers better, they need to create content that is engaging and offers their establishment more exposure which means you need to start making videos. Did you know that more than one billion restaurant visits happen because consumers are approached through online marketing?

You will agree that traditional recipes and having excellent flavor along will not bring in customers now. With the advent of social media and review sites, you need to be active online and ensure that you are in front of your customers when they are browsing their newsfeed.

For restaurants, I think it boils down to visual quality - after all just a like chef who meticulously preps the dish before sending it to a hungry patron, videos for restaurants also need to be created with beautiful colours and aesthetics.

So I wanted to share tips and tricks on how any restaurant in Australia can easily use videos in their online marketing.

Mobile video

Here’s the thing - today everyone watches videos on smartphones. In fact according to one stat- around 75% of all smartphone users watch videos on their devices. And 26% of smartphone users will watch at least one video everyday.

So here’s the thing - if you want to create videos for your restaurant - optimise them for mobile. With YouTube you don’t have to worry much as it automatically optimises videos but when it comes to social media, you need to be careful. Here’s what I tell everyone - make square videos - 1:1.  Here’s one I saw earlier that was posted by “Burger Point” in Sydney:


It’s a simple video but notice the format - its a square video - which means it would be easily be seen on smartphones.

Digital Signage

I noticed something interesting recently. Right here in Perth - restaurant marketing on digital signage at Yagan square. It was futuristic, gained my attention as soon as I was about to cross the road and above all else it was a video!

To be honest, it felt like something out of the Blade Runner movie. Here’s how it looked:

There are various benefits of using digital signage - foremost of which is that you can run video ads on billboards - well large screens that are located at most lucrative spots in the city. Like the one on Yagan Square.

For restaurants this is a huge opportunity since they can create a video promo showcasing their culinary delights and promote it on busiest areas of the city. Maybe create an event like Chinese Thursdays and create a video around it.

Be active online

I read it on Forbes that businesses that are active online and respond to their customers on social media actually get more customers. Why? According to survey 71% of respondents said that they are more likely to refer a company or brand to someone else if they respond to them on social media.

One way to remain active and ensure you respond to your customers is to use live videos. Both Facebook and Instagram allow you to create live broadcast through its “Facebook and Instagram Live” feature.

You can show your chefs cooking meals right in the kitchen or maybe even do a Q&A session with your customers that are viewing the live video. You can also promote new videos that you create since whenever you start a live video, it will automatically notify your followers that you are broadcasting, giving you more views.

Invest in creating promos

If you truly want to succeed with online video marketing, you will have to create promos for your restaurant. A promo can be anything between one to two minute video that showcase your restaurant, some of its best dishes and what ambience it offers. Here’s one that I found online that is pretty well made:

Notice how the video shows patrons coming in to eat and then proceeds with variety of dishes being prepared and then showcasing the restaurant itself. Video content like this can really boost your online profile whereas also allow you to promote your establishment through paid features of social media platforms.  Paid promotions on Facebook look like this - but instead of pictures, you can use videos for better engagement. .

Bring in the human factor

When you are working on videos, I would recommend that you can depend  on what I like to call the human factor. What do I mean by this? Well, when a brand or business promotes itself online, you really don’t connect unless you see a face., It could be a celebrity or an influencer, but nevertheless a human face.

Chances are you might not have the budget for an influencer or a celebrity, so I recommend asking your loyal customers for a live testimonials. You can post it online with their permission and make use of social media to promote your restaurant. Another idea would be to use your staff, telling people what their favourite dish is or sharing specials of the day.

There is a lot of potential when it comes to video marketing and for restaurants. The possibilities are limitless. If you are interested in creating a concrete strategy for your establishment, give me a call and we will put our heads together to come up with a plan.


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