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Video makes the world go round.
‍Looking to do a bunch of stuff?
Video can help.

Video is the best way to engage your audience.

Whether you're trying to let customers know about your business or just tell a story that's close to your heart, video is a sure way to hold an audience's attention for longer.

Don't have any video content? No problem. I'll book a time with you, come out with my recording equipment and film whatever you need. I can even organise extra crew members or active talent if you need it.


This is my favourite part. I become a hermit behind my computer for a few days and make movie magic happen. To ensure the finished product looks just the way you want it to, I allow for multiple revision stages.


If the type of video you're creating doesn't need any filming, I can still help. Professional animated productions have just the same amount of wow factor as live action projects. I'm also able to add some special effects if required.

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects

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